Why are the beech beds the best? What are the advantages of this material?

Beech wood has such qualities as strength, durability and aesthetics. Products from this tree have a perfectly smooth surface, they are very pleasant to the touch, and you will feel it immediately, as soon as you take it in your hands. And also beech is a solid tree, but with a soft, enveloping energy. Professionals who work with beech wood for a long time knowingly say that only beech furniture should be in the bedroom, because it is one of the most energy-friendly woods for people.


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Who produces the beds "Drema"?

 Factory "YugMebel" produces the Beds "Drema". It works on the furniture market since 2000. The factory is located in the Kuban, where forests occupy an area of ​​more than 1.5 thousand hectares. Basically, forests are represented by valuable hardwood species of wood, such as beech, oak and ash. The production of our factory is organized on a complete cycle; we have high-quality and high-productive equipment. Among the main directions of the company's work are the production of kitchen furniture of a solid of valuable wood species, interior doors and other high-quality cabinet furniture. We began to produce the collection of baby cots in 2016.

 What paint (coating) is used in manufacturing of the beds and why?

Primer, stain and lacquer are used in the production of children's furniture. These materials have water basis, they are completely safe for the child.

 Under what conditions can you use the crib?

The furniture should be used in dry and warm rooms with air temperature not lower than + 10 ° C and not above + 40 ° C, relative humidity shall be less than 60%. Furniture made of wood should not be located closer than one meter from heating appliances and other heat sources, as well as in direct sunlight. The furniture’ surface should be protected against damp and water. Also, the influence of aggressive liquids such as alcohol, acetone and gasoline is unacceptable.

How long does it take to assemble the cot?

The cot assembling takes no more than 20 minutes.

 What guarantee do you offer for the crib and pendulum?

The guarantee is 12 months for the crib and for the pendulum.

 What to do if there is a defect or damage caused during transportation?

We pack our products very carefully. When you receive the goods, you need to open the boxes and check whether everything is ok within 14 days after the receipt of parcels. If something is wrong, please send the photo of the detail and the order number on our email info@dremababybed.com . Our staff will deal with this problem promptly. The item that was damaged during transportation is going to be sent at our expense.

 How long is the handling of the customers’ orders?

Forming the order takes from 4 to 7 working days. These terms are the maximum; we always try to send products as early as possible.

 Is the bed adjustable in height, how many positions it has?

 The cot is adjustable in four positions.

Are the crib wheels fixed?

All the crib wheels are with the stoppers.

Is it comfortable for a child under 5 years old to sleep in this bed?

The cot can be transformed to a length of 175 cm.

Does the crib have a pendulum mechanism (transverse or longitudinal) or does a wheel replace it?

 We produce pendulum mechanisms separately. It can be used for both longitudinal and transverse rocking in the cradle format. Only a longitudinal swing is possible for the crib. The pendulum "Eco" is made of solid beech and can be mounted on wheels.

 Is it possible to remove the bars of the cribs if child (1.5 years) wants to get out of the bed by his own?

The bars on the bed are not removed. We have developed the third variant of transformation to make possible for children to go to bed and get out of the bed by themselves.

Is the changing table not too small?

The changing table is 74 cm long. This is the height of a 7-8 month old baby. Kids start turning over from 3 to 6 months. We strongly recommend using the changing table until your baby starts to turn over. Baby care products, diapers and toys can be placed on the lower shelf of the changing table.

 What materials are used for mattresses manufacturing?

 A round mattress is made of the jersey and high-density polyurethane foam. The oval mattress is made of jacquard, polyurethane foam and coconut. All materials are hypoallergenic. Mattresses are made with removable covers, so you can wash them.

 What are the sizes and height of round and oval mattresses?

The height of the round mattress is 7 cm in size 75х75 cm and the height of the oval mattress is 10 cm, the size is 75х125 cm.

 What materials are used for mattress covers manufacturing?

Mattress covers are made of terry knit fabric with a polyurethane membrane.

What is the distance between the cot bars?

The distance between the bars is 6 cm.

 What is the weight and size of the pendulum?

Pendulum "Eco" has the parameters: 12 kg, 0.09 m3

What is the internal and external diameter of a round crib?

They are 75 * 75 cm and 81 * 81 cm.

What is the internal and external size of an oval cot?

The sizes of this crib are 125 * 75 cm and 131 * 81 cm.

 What is the height of the crib on the wheels, on the pendulum?

The height of the crib on the wheels is 86 cm, on the pendulum "Eco" without wheels is 84 cm, on the pendulum "Standard" is 83 cm.

What is the height from the top edge of the mattress to the edge of the bar in the first two positions?

The height is 22 cm and 35 cm respectively.

What materials are used for the cots “6 in 1” and “8 in 1” manufacturing?

The beds are made of solid Caucasian beech. The bottom of the cot "6 in 1" is made of MDF, "8 in 1" is made of beech and plywood.

What are the differences between  "6 in 1" and "8 in 1" models?

The main differences:

  1. a) In "6 in 1" there is no transformation to the "sofa-bed 175 * 75 cm";
  2. b) "6 in 1" does not have a lower shelf on the changing table, and on the top shelf there are no protectors along the sides
  3. c) At "8 in 1" the bottom is perforated from plywood, in "6 in 1" is from MDF;

 What about the perforation in the bottom of the crib?

The sides of our beds are not continuous, so the mattresses also "breathe" in the absence of perforation in the bottom of the crib.

 Are there plugs with cots?

If you want, they can be purchased as a separate position, but we warn that it is not safe, because the baby can eventually dig them out and swallow them, so they are not included initially.

 How do you send a crib, mattresses and a pendulum?

A cot and two mattresses are sent in two separate boxes. Each weight is up to 20 kg. The pendulum is sent in one box, weight is up to 12 kg.


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